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Shipping and Fulfillment

Order cancellations must be requested within 24 hours of ordering. Failing to do so may result in the order having already been shipped the customer will need to organize a return at their own cost. If we have not yet shipped your order a 15% cancellation fee will be taken off the refund to cover payment processing fees and any other restocking fees that cost us from a cancelled order. We do our best to complete your lightsaber build within the 6-14 work days promised; however, delays of up to 12 working days can occur during extended busy periods or unforeseen circumstances.

For urgent orders, you must inform us of time-sensitive orders ( Birthdays, events etc... ) before ordering. We cannot guarantee delivery without prior notice, and cancellation requests made without prior notice will still be subject to our 15% cancellation fee.

All UK orders come with free delivery. We ship orders out within 6-14 work days, depending on how many orders we are processing. We cannot guarantee lightsaber builds will be completed within 14 work days, but at most, 3-4 work days delay can be possible during busy periods.

International orders will be dispatched from our international workshop. We do not charge tax on international sales to allow for any potential import charges you may need to pay. Please check your country's tax rate.



For orders outside of the UK, we cannot take responsibility for any international import taxes or customs charges - this is set by your national government and is charged upon receiving goods into your country. We do not collect tax on EU orders - the international tax rate is set at 0%

Please note that it could take a total of up to 1-3 weeks for sabres to reach you, although most orders are received within 2 weeks

UK rate: Free delivery
International rate: Free delivery


Lost/Stolen parcels

Parcels marked as 'Lost' or "Stolen" will be investigated by the courier and local authorities. During this investigation, we can offer a replacement within 30 days of being notified of "Lost" or Stolen" parcels, which will be at our discretion.

We do not refund lost or stolen parcels; replacement lightsabers are non-returnable.

If a parcel has been requested to be left in a "safe location" by the receiver, we cannot provide a refund or replacement if the package becomes lost or damaged during the parcel's time in the safe location.

Please note: Chargebacks for lost packages will not be accepted during investigations. Visa will be provided with all information, including confirmation of delivery and our policies, and we may inform authorities of potential fraud.



Typically, it takes up to 3 months to resolve, and we cannot offer a replacement lightsaber during this time. Once complete, we will look into sending a replacement at our discretion. If a replacement has been sent out and any issues arise with the product, we can offer a repair in line with our warranty policy. We will not accept returns due to a change of mind.

We may take legal action over fraudulent chargebacks and stolen parcels and add legal fees and interest. Fraudulent chargebacks will be handed over to the authorities for a full investigation. If a chargeback has been submitted and we are unable to respond either through expiry or acceptance of the chargeback request from your bank, and the lightsaber has not been returned within 5 working days. We will proceed with legal action without warning as the product contract has now been returned to us as the rightful owner.



All gifts provided through compensation or a gesture of goodwill will be subject to a 1-month warranty. All gifts are included in your original order; any returns or cancellations must include the gift when returning. Gifts not returned will be billed for the total value via a direct payment link or part of any legal costs if disputed.

Couriers will attempt to deliver the parcel 3 times. If the parcel cannot be delivered on the 3rd attempt, the parcel will be returned to us at your cost to you, and any further re-delivery attempts will be charged.

For international shipments. All documents are provided along with the parcel, including customs documents and manufacturer origin ( United Kingdom ). Please check your country's import information to prevent parcels from being stuck in customs, as we are not responsible for stuck parcels. If customs cannot release the parcel by way of failure to pay import fees or provide requested information, customs will likely dispose of the parcel, and we will be unable to offer a replacement or refund in this instance.

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